Functional Redesign

Functional Redesign

March 9 – April 29

This group exhibition explores how ceramicists, who work in a high-design aesthetic and often use molds to create their functional objects, engage with today’s industry, the consumer, and the ceramics community at-large. Bridging the roles of artist/designer/ceramicist, these individuals redefine traditional consumer-consumption relationships by offering dinnerware and other functional pottery to enhance the consumption experience, question mass production methods, or experiment with utilitarian design itself. Participating artists include: Nicholas Bivins, Ryan Fletcher, Andrew Gilliatt, Hiroe Hanazono, Jason Miller, and Lenneke Wispelwey.

On Saturday, March 10, there will be an artists’ workshop presentation with selected exhibiting artists. Artist Ryan Fletcher will be in residence at NCC March 8th – 26th. Please stay tuned for special events during his residency.


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