Late Night Pastry Dinner

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/Author: ryanfletcherdesign
Late Night Pastry Dinner, coordinated by Chef/Owner Howard Hanna, was an after hours collaboration with three local pastry chefs. Tasha Goellner (Mullberry and Mott), Nick Wesemann (The American Restaurant), Carter Holton (Le Fou Frog) created a 9 course pastry dinner, 3 savory courses and 6 dessert courses for around...

Rieger Hotel with Howard Hanna

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/Author: ryanfletcherdesign
Through collaboration and industrial production methods, I create dining experiences using  restaurants as alternative exhibition spaces. This is most evident in two projects titled “Tapas Micros” and “Paper Plates.” Both projects were created as collaborative experiments within the parameters of food service. Both were created with direct input from...